Chocolate Bars

Grand Cru Noisette Bar 72 %

Fresh grand cru chocolate made from the finest Arriba de Esmeraldas cacao beans from Ecuador, with caramelized Piedmont hazelnuts.
70.00 AED

Grand Cru Pistachio-Raisin Bar 49%

Fresh Grand Cru chocolate made from the finest Criollo de Maracaibo cacao beans from Venezuela, with roasted pistachios, almonds and juicy sultanas.
70.00 AED

Noir Coco Bar 55%

Fresh, dark chocolate with coconut chips and roasted almonds.
70.00 AED

Milk Noisette Bar 42%

Fresh Swiss chocolate made with roasted Piedmont hazelnuts.
70.00 AED

Blanc Framboise Bar

Fresh, white chocolate made with Swiss milk and luscious raspberries.
70.00 AED

Milk Noisette Sans Sucre Ajoute Bar 38%

Fresh chocolate with no added sugar, made with Swiss milk and roasted Piedmont hazelnuts.
70.00 AED

Buy Chocolate Bars In UAE

Our chocolate bars are hand-made using natural ingredients of finest quality to create a true melt-in-the-mouth experience. Every chocolate bar in our range is a unique experience for the senses.

Discover our range of fresh grand cru dark chocolate bars made of the finest cacao beans from all over the world.
Our grand cru delicacies have revolutionized Swiss chocolate. Sprüngli brings the vision of delicious chocolate to life in the form of unique creations, crafted by hand according to our top-secret recipes. Our popular chocolate bars are carefully molded in small batches, then broken into individual pieces.

Dive in a world of luxurious white and milk chocolate and choose from our rich chocolate bars made with fresh Swiss milk and combined with pistachios, roasted almonds, aromatic coconut chips, or caramelized hazelnuts to create elegant and balanced flavours.