Chocolate Gift Boxes

Top Ten Gift Box, 20 Pcs

A chocolate gift box filled with ten of Sprüngli's most popular pralines and truffles lovingly created by hand using best Swiss chocolate and natural ingredients. The perfect chocolate gift for any special occasion.
170.00 AED

Sprüngli House Assortment, 36 Pcs

Sprüngli's 36 best pralines and truffles in a nostalgic gift box with a golden embossed illustration of Confiserie Sprüngli. A luxurious variety of exquisite dark and milk chocolate delicacies.
265.00 AED

White Floral Gift Box, 24 Pcs

Beautiful white chocolate gift box, decorated with a colorful flower design, filled with a selection of our finest truffles and pralines.
265.00 AED

Truffles Classique Size 2, 36 Pcs

A cheerful chocolate gift box filled with a selection of our finest milk and dark truffles, made from premium Swiss chocolate and using natural ingredients.
280.00 AED

Red Cube, 27 Pcs

Elegant three layered gift box, each layer filled with 9 pieces of handcrafted mixed pralines and truffles. These exclusive chocolate specialties, tastefully presented, are the perfect gift and will create the perfect moment of indulgence.
370.00 AED

Gold Bonbonnière Size 2, 35 Pcs

Select assortment of finest pralines and truffles in a classic Sprüngli Bonbonnière. The Gold Bonbonnière makes the perfect gift for any special occasion.
375.00 AED

Buy Chocolate Gifts In UAE

Our wide selection of exclusive chocolate gift boxes offers a unique chocolate gift for everyone’s taste and every occasion.

Are you celebrating your loved ones' birthdays, your best friend’s wedding, Mother’s day or the announcement of a newborn in your family?
We offer the perfect gift for every occasion - from exclusive Cubes or personalized gift boxes to exquisite fabric-covered Bonbonnières, we apply much dedication and creativity to ensure that the gifts will be remembered by your loved ones.

Are you celebrating an anniversary with your company or would like to surprise your customers, business partners, or employees with a personalized gift?

An exclusive chocolate gift from Sprüngli is a unique way of adding emotional value and expressing your appreciation. We make it all possible - from delicious praline creations embossed with your company logo and CI-compliant packaging to unique bespoke designs.

Conveniently order our collection of chocolate gifts online and we will have it delivered to your doorstep across the UAE.