Chocolates & Truffles

Gaufrettes Size 2, 280 grms

Gaufrettes are crunchy wafer rolls filled with finest hazelnut Gianduja and crispy Piedmont hazelnut bits.
190.00 AED

Milk Noisette Sans Sucre Ajoute Bar, 38% Cacao

Fresh, milk chocolate bar with Swiss milk, combined with roasted Piedmont hazelnuts. A chocolate bar which promises a well-balanced chocolate treat. Without any added sugar.
70.00 AED

Truffles Classique Size 2, 36 Pcs

A cheerful chocolate gift box filled with a selection of our finest milk and dark truffles, made from premium Swiss chocolate and using natural ingredients.
280.00 AED

Grand Cru Maracaibo Bar, 65% Cacao

Exclusive Grand Cru chocolate bar made of the finest Criollo de Maracaibo cacao beans from Maracaibo, Venezuela. A chocolate bar which promises elegant and balanced flavors.
45.00 AED

White Floral Gift Box, 24 Pcs

Beautiful white chocolate gift box, decorated with a colorful flower design, filled with a selection of our finest truffles and pralines.
265.00 AED

Grand Cru Beni Bar, 75% Cacao

Rare Grand Cru chocolate bar made from wild Criollo cacao beans from Beni, Bolivia. A chocolate experience that guarantees a naturally fruity flavors.
45.00 AED

Grand Cru Suhum Bar, 60% Cacao

Exclusive Grand Cru chocolate bar made of the finest Forastero de Suhum cacao beans from Ghana.
45.00 AED

Grand Cru Selva Zoque Bar, 80% Cacao

Fresh and exclusive Grand Cru chocolate bar made of the finest Tabasqueño de Selva Zoque cacao beans from Mexico.
45.00 AED

Grand Cru Baracoa Bar, 70% Cacao

Fresh Grand Cru chocolate bar made from Trinitario cacao beans from Baracoa, Cuba. An exclusive chocolate experience which promises intense flavors.
45.00 AED

Intense Milk Chocolate Bar, 42% Cacao

Fresh chocolate bar made with Swiss milk for an unmistakably intense flavour.
45.00 AED

Red Cube, 27 Pcs

Elegant three layered gift box, each layer filled with 9 pieces of handcrafted mixed pralines and truffles. These exclusive chocolate specialties, tastefully presented, are the perfect gift and will create the perfect moment of indulgence.
370.00 AED

Zurich-View Bonbonnière, 70 Pcs

Finest pralines and truffles charmingly presented in a traditional Bonbonnière gift box decorated with a city of Zurich motif. It opens to reveal 70 mouth-watering chocolate creations.
650.00 AED

Buy Sprungli Chocolates In UAE

With a great deal of love and a passion for perfection, we prepare our pralines and truffles by hand and fresh on a daily basis in Switzerland. Our experience in the production of the finest chocolate specialties makes our pralines and truffles unique.

Would you like to experience the same Sprüngli delicacies here in the UAE? No problem, why not ordering them online or visit one of our Sprüngli boutiques in Dubai or Abu Dhabi?

Sprüngli imports its handmade products to Dubai and Abu Dhabi on a regular basis, ensuring that customers receive the same quality as in Switzerland.

You can either buy our famous Sprüngli chocolates via our online shop online or visit one of our two Sprüngli shops located at The Dubai Mall in Dubai and The Galleria Mall in Abu Dhabi. Apart from Switzerland, the UAE is the only country in the world where customers can purchase the products within a Sprüngli boutique.