Chocolates & Truffles

Napolitaines Assorted 300 grms

Assorted Sprüngli Napolitaines in four delicious varieties: milk chocolate, hazelnut chocolate, dark chocolate made from fine cocoa Arriba, Ecuador, 72% cocoa; and Criollo de Maracaibo, Venezuela, 65% cocoa.
135.00 AED

Sprüngli House Tin Box Size 1, 15 Pcs

This nostalgic Sprüngli Building tin box contains a mouth-watering assortment of 15 truffles and pralines. The perfect chocolate gift for any special occasion.
140.00 AED

Grand Cru Noisette Bar, 72 % Cacao

Fresh Grand Cru, premium chocolate bar made from the finest Arriba de Esmeraldas cacao beans from Ecuador, with caramelized Piedmont hazelnuts which promises an exclusive chocolate treat.
70.00 AED

Napolitaines Grand Cru 300 grms

Delicious miniature chocolate bars made from the finest Grand Cru chocolate: Grand Cru Maracaibo, 65% cacao, Grand Cru Esmeraldas, 72% cacao, and Grand Cru Baracoa, 70% cacao. This fresh Grand Cru chocolate is prepared using the traditional skills of the master chocolatie.
140.00 AED

Top Ten Gift Box, 20 Pcs

A chocolate gift box filled with ten of Sprüngli's most popular pralines and truffles lovingly created by hand using best Swiss chocolate and natural ingredients. The perfect chocolate gift for any special occasion.
170.00 AED

Choc Noisettes Size 2, 250 grms

Caramelized hazelnuts, covered in dark chocolate and dusted with the finest chocolate powder in an elegant gift box.
150.00 AED

Grand Cru Pistachio-Raisin Bar, 49% Cacao

Fresh Grand Cru, premium chocolate bar made from the finest Criollo de Maracaibo cacao beans from Maracaibo in Venezuela, combined with roasted pistachios, almonds and juicy sultanas.
70.00 AED

Choc Oranges 230 grms

Candied orange sticks, covered in dark chocolate and grinded almonds.
150.00 AED

Noir Coco Bar, 55% Cacao

Fresh, dark chocolate bar, combined with aromatic coconut chips and roasted almonds. A combination that guarantees an exotic chocolate treat.
70.00 AED

Amandes au Chocolat Size 2, 250 grms

Roasted almonds, caramelized with sugar and covered in the finest chocolate from Maracaibo, Venezuela, 65% cocoa. The chocolate almonds are dusted with the finest cocoa powder.
150.00 AED

Milk Noisette Bar, 42% Cacao

Fresh Milk chocolate bar made with Swiss milk, combined with caramelized Piedmont hazelnuts which promises a well-balanced a unique chocolate experience.
70.00 AED

Blanc Framboise Bar

Fresh, white chocolate bar made with Swiss milk and aromatic raspberries. An exclusive and fruity chocolate treat.
70.00 AED

Buy Sprungli Chocolates In UAE

With a great deal of love and a passion for perfection, we prepare our pralines and truffles by hand and fresh on a daily basis in Switzerland. Our experience in the production of the finest chocolate specialties makes our pralines and truffles unique.

Would you like to experience the same Sprüngli delicacies here in the UAE? No problem, why not ordering them online or visit one of our Sprüngli boutiques in Dubai or Abu Dhabi?

Sprüngli imports its handmade products to Dubai and Abu Dhabi on a regular basis, ensuring that customers receive the same quality as in Switzerland.

You can either buy our famous Sprüngli chocolates via our online shop online or visit one of our two Sprüngli shops located at The Dubai Mall in Dubai and The Galleria Mall in Abu Dhabi. Apart from Switzerland, the UAE is the only country in the world where customers can purchase the products within a Sprüngli boutique.