Luxemburgerli 16pcs

The signature product from Sprüngli, a light and airy macaroon
130.00 AED

Luxemburgerli 36pcs

The signature product from Sprüngli, a light and airy macaroon.
285.00 AED

The finest brand of premium Swiss mini-macaroon

Sprüngli is not just renowned for its high-quality reputation of Swiss chocolate delicacies, but also its legendary macaroon, which comes in a miniature bite-sized from.

The success story of this now world-famous delicacy began in the Fifties.
A young pastry chef from Luxembourg, who was working at the time at Confiserie Sprüngli in Zurich, brought a wonderful recipe with him from his homeland – elegant filled mini-macaroons which nobody could resist and which Sprüngli decided to name "Luxemburgerli" from then on.

Exclusive to Sprüngli boutiques, the popular mini macaroons are filled with a light cream made from fresh, natural ingredients. In order to create the unique rich colours and unmistakable flavour of our Luxemburgerli, we use only 100% natural ingredients without any artificial colours.

The light and airy sweet treats are available in a variety of flavours, ranging from vanilla, chocolate and raspberry to citron and pistachio, with new, irresistible flavours being constantly added to the collection.