Purple Christmas Tin Box, 15 pcs

Festive purple tin box, filled with a mouthwatering assortment of 15 truffles and pralines. The perfect chocolate gift for this Festive Season.
140.00 AED

Red Christmas Bauble Tin Box,24 Pcs

Colorful and festive decorated tin box, filled with a selection of our finest truffles and pralines.
190.00 AED

Christmas Night Tin Box, 24 Pcs

Festive tin box, filled with the finest truffles and pralines.
190.00 AED

Diwali Window Box, 10 Pcs

Bright, yellow green gift box with a cut-out diya design. Filled with a selection of different pralines and truffles, including Happy Diwali logo pralines.
135.00 AED

Floral Happy Diwali Box, 24 Pcs

Beautiful white box,decorated with Diwali flowers, colored,embossed and foiled.
270.00 AED

Diwali Diya Box, 24 Pcs

Elegant gift box, nicely decorated with Diya lanterns and gold foiled design, filled with our finest pralines and truffles.
275.00 AED

Winter Magic Wooden Box size 1,25 Pcs

Nostalgic wooden box design with laser-engraved Sprüngli logo. Filled with a mix of truffles and pralines.
255.00 AED

Blue Mandala Box, 30 Pcs

Beautiful gift box with an elegant Diwali Mandala design in cold color, filled with our delicious assortment of handcrafted pralines and truffles.
295.00 AED

Starburst Festive Box,25 Pcs

Elegant Christmas gift box with a gold foiled design and filled with a mouthwatering mix of pralines and truffles
265.00 AED

50-Unit Ciochito Gift Box, with Sleeve

Special gift box with a colorful sleeve. Filled with a selection of our exquisite, bite-sized Ciochito chocolates with 10 different flavors. This gift box contains 5 pieces per flavor.
330.00 AED

Christmas Bauble Box,28 Pcs

Cheery gift box with four different foilings of Christmas baubles. Filled with a selection of fresh pralines and truffles.
300.00 AED

Gold Cube, 27 Pcs

This elegant Gold Cube is filled with 27 of Sprüngli’s best truffles and pralines. A prestigious three layered chocolate gift box, each layer filled with 9 pieces of handcrafted pralines and truffles .
370.00 AED